Journal of Aero Aqua Bio-mechanisms

We, Society of Aero Aqua Bio-mechanisms, publish an international online journal, "Journal of Aero Aqua Bio-mechanisms" (referred to below as "Journal"). This Journal is aimed at the following research areas:

  • Bio-mechanism of swimming animals (micro-organisms, fishes, marine mammals and so on)
  • Bio-mechanism of flying animals (insects, birds and so on)
  • Bio-robotics (including bio-sensor, bio-actuator and so on)
  • Bio-mimetics (bio-material, micro-, nano-technology, and so on)

We are looking forward to your submission to our Journal.

Journal's Website

Rules on submission

  1. (Types of paper) Three types of paper as below are accepted.
    • [Original paper] It describes original contents by the authors and unpublished in general publicly disseminated (distributed or sold) publications. Papers are peer reviewed.
    • [Review paper] It describes reviews or surveys of related field. Papers are editorially reviewed.
    • [Compilation paper] It is a compilation of published materials. It may include unpublished materials. Papers are editorially reviewed.
  2. (Copyright) Copyright on papers published in the Journal belongs to Society of Aero Aqua Bio-mechanisms.
  3. (Number of pages) The number of pages for one paper should not be more than 9 pages in the specified format.
  4. (Language) The language of the papers for submission shall be English.
  5. (Units) The units used in the papers should be SI units.
  6. (Acceptance) The acceptance or rejection of the paper submitted shall be decided by the Editorial Board.
  7. (Responsibility over content) The responsibility over the content of papers published in the Journal shall rest fully on the authors.
  8. (Date of receipt) The date of receipt of papers submitted shall be the date when the paper is accepted by the submission and review system for review. However, when papers sent back to the authors for addition or revisions are not returned with the addition or revisions within two months after the inquiry date from the secretariat, the original date of receipt becomes invalid.
  9. (Priority) Priority of the paper shall take effect on the date of receipt of the paper and shall be clearly stated in the Journal.
  10. (Date of publication) The paper shall be published on a timely basis after being voted for publication with the paper publication date indicated in the table of contents.
  11. (Publication fees) Authors shall pay publication fees for papers published in the Journal. The fee is 15,000 Japanese Yen per paper.

Instruction for submission

  1. (Preparation of manuscript) Authors shall prepare the manuscript strictly according to its template .
  2. (Submission of paper) Authors shall submit the PDF file of manuscript, as well as the scanned image of the signed publishing agreement to the Editorial Board (, "_at_" should be replaced by "@") via email.
    Forms of the publishing agreement:
  3. (Process after submission) After submission, the paper will be under the peer review process. The Editorial Board decides the acceptance or rejection of the paper for publication and the result of the dicision will be notified to the authors. Authors will be immediately notified with the reason for rejection when their papers are rejected.
  4. (Process after acceptance) If the paper is accepted for the publication, the paper will be published through the preparation process for the publication. After the first publication of an issue in a year, the paper will be added to the issue on a timely basis.


If you have any question, please contact the Editorial Board (Email:, "_at_" should be replaced by "@").

Editorial Board

  • Hao Liu, Editor in Chief, Chiba Univerisity, Japan
  • Naomi Kato, Osaka Univeristy, Japan
  • Motomu Nakashima, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Shinichiro Ito, Kogakuin University, Japan
  • Shinji Kamimura, Chuo University, Japan
  • Tsutomu Takagi, Kinki University, Japan
  • Tomonari Akamatsu, National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering, Japan
  • Shunichi Kobayashi, Shinshu University, Japan
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